The RMMMA’s mission is to bring maintenance professionals together to share ideas, best practices and promote a strong support network that will help members solve new and challenging problems while providing a unique training opportunity.

RMMMA meetings are held bi-annually in May and December at a location in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Each meeting features two separate agendas geared specifically toward mobile maintenance or plant maintenance professionals.

On Thursday, our members attend a full day session with presentations by RMSG members demonstrating the latest mobile equipment and plant technology as well as specific systems and solutions to help resolve many of the maintenance issues our members are currently facing. The event wraps up Thursday evening with a cocktail hour at 6 pm and a banquet at 7 pm.

The information presented at RMMMA is specifically geared toward ensuring that your maintenance program is keeping up with the latest data on new equipment and technology while avoiding costly mistakes or struggling with issues that other members have already resolved.

As an example, a maintenance supervisor at a mine in North Dakota explained how his mechanics received invaluable information from RMMMA when his mine purchased a new fleet of haul trucks that no one had any experience working on. “Other RMMMA members had experience with large fleets of these trucks and their knowledge about how to make them run and their willingness to share it, made it more than worthwhile for our people to attend RMMMA.”

There are a lot of good maintenance products out there, especially if you ask the vendors who sell them. RMMMA allows you to bypass the sales pitch and talk directly to the end users who will give you the good, bad and the ugly.


Benefits of Attending RMMMA Meetings

  • Attending RMMMA can help you make more informed purchasing decisions and give you more bang for your maintenance buck. In today’s fast paced world, it is absolutely critical for maintenance professionals to stay up to date on proven products and services.
  • Attending RMMMA is very beneficial for your key mechanics; the folks you depend on to get things done and keep everyone else on track.
  • RMMMA can also be extremely valuable for maintenance managers and supervisors as well as purchasing agents.
  • The RMMMA has built an outstanding network of maintenance professionals, members can pick up the phone or shoot an email to a fellow RMMMA member any time day or night and more often than not, they’re provided with a solution or some advice about what to do or where to go for more information or help.
  • Participating in RMMMA will definitely add value to your operation. 

Pick up the phone or write an RMMMA member, more often than not they have a solution or some advice about what to do or where to go for more information or help.