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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Master Mechanics Association

“Rocky Mountain Master Mechanics Association – Bringing Maintenance
Professionals Together Since 1974

The RMMMA’s primary focus is to bring maintenance professionals together to share
ideas, best practices and promote a strong support network that can help members solve
new and challenging problems, share information and build comradery within the
membership. Don’t believe the old reliable, “We’ve never seen that before … that’s only
happening at your mine”. Pick up the phone or write an RMMMA member, more often
than not they have a solution or some advice about what to do or where to go for more
information or help.”

Welcome Back! The next RMMMA meeting is scheduled for December 1-3, 2021.

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NEW: Now you can apply for the Ernest Swinney Master Mechanic Scholarship by downloading the application as a PDF or by filling out our online application.

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